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 Free Calibration Spreadsheet


Calibrations are the most important part of running a monitoring site.

These must be recorded correctly!

Here is the AQDM Calibration Spreadsheet and some worked examples that you can freely use and distribute.

Master Template Calibration Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet contains all the common instruments. Simply delete the forms for the instruments you do not need. You can always return to this master template if you delete too much or need to add a new instrument.

Worked examples

Here are worked examples for the instruments commonly used. Simply delete the values and enter your own.


Horiba and PM10 TEOM

ML and PM10 TEOM

Signal and PM10 TEOM

Thermo and PM10 BAM

There are no macros so these spreadsheets are entirely safe to download, use and distribute. Let me know if you see any mistakes or new additional instruments.

Contact me Geoff.Broughton@aqdm.co.uk