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 Geoff Broughton


Geoff Broughton is recognised as a National and International expert on ambient air quality monitoring, telemetry, processing and reporting to the UK government and EU. Managed specialist teams that downloaded and processed data from all UK instrument types using the sophisticated HIS software I created. Worked as the Principal Air Quality Data Manager at AEA Harwell until made redundant in May 2010. Now an independent consultant providing expert data ratification and data management for sites and networks.

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Key skills and achievements

Data Management

  • Created the HIS software to communicate with all UK air quality instruments and data loggers protocols, alarms and diagnostics (AirPointer, Ambirack, API, Envidas, Environnement, FDMS, Horiba, Met One Monitor Labs, Odessa, Osiris, TEOM, Thermo, WebLogger) via modems, GSM, GPRS, FTP and BroadBand.
  • Reported air quality data and limit value analysis directly to Defra and the EU fulfilling statutory Directives and UK requirements for more than 10 years.

Quality Assurance

  • Formed and lead specialist teams to collect, process and quality control in near-real time meeting tough customer deadlines for over 300 monitoring sites.
  • Created the "Quality Circle" to hammer out issues and push through systematic improvements for the UK national networks.

Process Development

  • Devised the AURN "Production Line" methodology to deliver quality-controlled measurements for Defra that hit all 27 quarterly deadlines.
  • Enabled data throughput to grow by 20% per year and staff costs to fall by 30%.

Technical Expertise

  • Established the "Air Quality in the UK" series of reports and definitive calculation methods.
  • Attended 8 European expert workshops on air quality reporting.
  • Expert understanding of the underlying measurement data, the UK historical archive, the range of air quality standards and calculation methods.
  • Commended by AEA CEO for the retention of the AURN and Gibraltar multi-million pounds contracts.

IT Skills

  • MS Visual FoxPro 9. Expert user with 20 million record relational databases. Created the HIS software with 200,000 line scripts and integrated graphical, FTP and Telecommunications libraries. Remote control of Word, Excel and OutLook for automated import / export functions.
  • MS Office (Word, Excel. and PowerPoint). Very experienced.
  • MS Windows. Very experienced.
  • Web site tools. Created own web sites with menus and embedded photos.
  • Commercial air quality software (Enview, ComVisioner, AirViro, Indic, Monet, APICom, MECom, RPCom).

Career Summary

Principal Air Quality Data Manager 1994 to 2010 AEA Harwell

  • Team leading
  • Software development
  • Creation of telemetry system
  • Development of data collecting protocols
  • Automation of data and calibration importation
  • Development of data processing techniques
  • Integration of new instrument techniques into the national networks
  • Statutory reporting to the UK and EU

Senior Air Quality Data Manager 1982 to 1994 Warren Spring Laboratory (WSL)

  • Instrumentation
  • Calibrations
  • Fieldwork
  • Mobile Laboratory
  • Data telemetry
  • Data processing
  • Air Quality Reporting


Physics BSc (Hon) Upper 2nd

University of Birmingham

1979 to 1982


Annual series of reports "Air Pollution In The UK" from 1984 to 2008


30 other air quality reports and papers

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