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 Free Health Check


Are your ratified data correct?!

Send me your hourly mean concentrations for the last ratified year and I will perform a free health check.

This can be either the data you have ratified yourself or the data your consultants have ratified. Remember that your AQMA declarations and reports are based on your ratified automatic monitoring data. Even your modelling depends on reliable monitoring data. Sadly a lot of Local Authority data contain glitches that throw the remaining measurements into doubt.

You need to make clear the following.

  • Site name
  • Pollutant names e.g. NOx, NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2, PM10 and PM2.5
  • The concentration units (e.g. ppm, ppb, mg m-3 or ug m-3)
  •  If the PM10 data are in gravimetric equivalent units (e.g. TEOM x 1.3) or the original measurements (e.g. plain TEOM)
  • The type of PM instrument (e.g. TEOM, Unheated BAM or Osiris)

I don't mind what format as long as the data are readable by eye (e.g. Excel or CSV files). The data should be listed as one calendar year and not twelve separate months. The date and time must be very clear for every measurement.

Here is a very simple example that is very easy to read.

I can't tell if the concentrations are 10% too high, for instance, but I can quickly see if the data has been badly processed.

If the data are readable, I can then show you where more data processing is required.

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