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Our real-time and historic data website is specifically designed for air quality. Private access allows you to track the progress of your monitoring network while optional public web pages provide the means to disseminate your results. Our growing network started 1st April 2011 and includes operational, closed and nearby multi-pollutant AURN monitoring sites.


There are simple low-cost ways to add monitoring sites to this UK website and similar air quality websites dedicated to your monitoring network. We can also provide full data management of the whole data system from collection, engineer call-outs to the final expert data ratification. You can either send us the data or we can collect directly from the sites communicating with the full range of instruments deployed throughout the UK.

Two of the best-known names in UK air quality have combined their expertise to offer the full range of air quality data management. Geoff Broughton of Air Quality Data Management (AQDM) and Yitzhak Mendelovitch of Envitech Europe have built and operated many complex multi-site air quality networks in the UK and abroad. Our air quality website package includes the following.


  • Daily data collection.
  • An EnvistaWEB real-time website specifically designed for air quality that is used worldwide and fully configurable.
  • Public and password protected private web options.
  • Smart and non-smart mobile phones access to the website.
  • SMS Text messages to alert you to high concentrations and instrument faults.
  • Free version upgrades of existing Envitech licenses within version number.
  • A seamless start from day one.
  • Free advice and feedback.

The opening page is a map showing the status of the monitoring network. Sites are colour coded based on the current measurements. The free UK Defra air quality forecast is shown as a rolling headline under the title banner. Clicking on a site spot shows the current measurements and allows further reporting options. Navigation around the website is via the menu on the left-hand margin.

You can zoom into the map to highlight areas of interest. Similarly, the map can begin focused onto a region for websites that are dedicated to your monitoring network. The map below shows the monitoring network in and around Belfast in Northern Ireland.

The website uses a wide range of maps and geographic images from Bing that includes Bird's Eye views. The image below shows a monitoring station in Belfast. You do need to obtain good longitude and latitude or grid references for your monitoring site to view images at this resolution.

The Dynamic Table is the summary of the current measurements across the monitoring network. This provides an invaluable snapshot of the network. You can click on the site names to obtain further information and plots.

Current readings and a photo are available for each monitoring site. Options allow you to view further information about the site and create various reports.

There is a huge range of plotting and reporting options. These start with simple timeseries plots and download options leading to more complex analyses.

The analysis and reporting tools should meet most of your needs. However, data can be quickly extracted and downloaded from the historic archive for further processing within your own system.

Wind and pollution roses are simple to generate for monitoring sites that have meteorological sensors.

Any type of automatic instrument can be polled and stored within the database. Here is an example showing data from an Osiris particulate instrument. Concentrations are plotted for PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and TSP (Total Suspended Particles).

Many Local Authorities have extreme difficulty publishing up-to-date reports and data on their own corporate website. Our air quality websites contain a library system allowing public access to these files. The example below from the Herts & Beds air quality website shows the set of NO2 diffusion tube spreadsheets from the Local Authorities within these two counties.

The website is designed for all users from casual glances at the opening map to the detailed plotting tools. Links to websites and reports are very easy to create and saves a lot of duplicated effort. General air quality background information and the Kid's Corner are provided by simple links to other websites. The links to the International Envitech Websites shows what the website can provide from the Chilean mining network, New Jersey State Network to the enormous Turkish National Network.

The EnvistaWEB air quality website allows quick public and private access to real-time and historic information through an attractive user interface. We are always open to suggestions for improvement.

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